Was your driving license revoked in Italy?

If you are a foreign citizen and you are driving a car in Italy, you may risk your driving license to be revoked, as a penalty for a violation of the applicable law. The Italian Law, so-called Codice della Strada, allows drivers in posses of a foreign driving license, issued by an EU country,  to […]

Are you involved in a road accident in Italy?

The Italian law provides that all vehicles must be insured so that, in the event of a road accident, the injured party may receive compensation. In the case of vehicles which are not identified and not insured, Italian law has provided for the establishment of a fund, the so-called Fondo di garanzia per le vittime della […]

Road accident and homicide in Italy

Road homicide occurs when road traffic rules are violated through negligent behaviour, causing the death of an individual.        This crime was recently introduced in Italy in 2016, with three different penalties depending on the type of severity: Whoever causes the death of a person as a result of a breach of rules on […]

Road accidents and contributory negligence

Under Italian Law, the contributory negligence for a road accident occurs when the liability is not totally borne by a single party, but also by the other party that someway contributed to cause the accident and this applies also to pedestrians. First of all, there are two types of contributory negligence. If the road accident […]

Liability of the pedestrian in case of a road accident

According to the Italian Codice della Strada (equivalent to the Highway Code), the pedestrian is required to behave with diligence and prudence while crossing and to comply with the rules set forth not to be an obstacle and a road danger.   If the pedestrian infringes these rules of conduct, in fact, he may be also considered […]