If you are a foreign citizen and you are driving a car in Italy, you may risk your driving license to be revoked, as a penalty for a violation of the applicable law.

The Italian Law, so-called Codice della Strada, allows drivers in posses of a foreign driving license, issued by an EU country,  to drive a vehicle in Italy. However, for those from a country outside the European Union, an International Driving Permit is required. 

Once in Italy, any foreign driver shall be subject to Italian Law and could be subject to an order or revocation of the license.

Often, under Italian Law, the suspension or revocation of the license may last for years, and, as a consequence, the main concern of a foreigner is to get back the license, within a reasonable lapse of time.   

The order for suspension or revocation of the driving license may be opposed by filing an appeal within 30 days. Clearly the appeal should be drafted by an Italian lawyer, who will take care also of all related compliances.

VGS Lawyers offers assistance and advice, to get the return of the license in the shortest possible time. The legal assistance mainly consists in the drafting of the appeal, in the court activity and also in the protection of your interests in the course of the criminal proceeding starting from the order of suspension/revocation (e.g. if the blood alcohol level vastly exceeds the legal levels).

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