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Criminal Law

Criminal offences within the context of family life and relationships


Inheritance of an asset or of a property in Italy

Juvenile Law

Protection of minors’ rights is essential, it is our mission


Italy is a wonderful place to settle with your family

Separation and Divorce

End of marriage: our lawyers will be by your side


A tax guide to minimize the impact of your choices


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VGS Family Lawyers is an Italian Law Firm specialised in providing legal assistance and advice to English speaking clients in all the areas related to Italian Family Law. Our professionals specialise in:

International Marriage, including same sex marriage; separation and divorce; alimony; child custody; adoption; stepchild adoption.

Wealth Transfer Practice in the context of family relationships; Asset Protection; Trust and Estate Planning; Probate and Wills.

Real Estate within the context of family reunion; immigration and relocation in Italy; tax planning; property sale or property purchase; family investments, assistance in case of mortgages.

Company Law within the context of family estate planning by way of setting up a company under Italian Law in order to facilitate the transfer of the assets after death or within the context of an asset protection plan within a contested divorce procedure.

Tax assistance: Our in house accountants will assist in liaising with the Italian Tax Authorities in order to minimise your exposure and negotiate the best terms for your interest.

Criminal Law assistance: our Criminal Lawyers will liaise with our professionals and assist you in cases of domestic violence or abuse or failure to pay alimony; defamation; breach of data protection; child abduction and or any other criminal offense suffered within the context of family relationships.

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