Criminal Law

Unfortunately, statistics show that together with separation and divorce proceedings may also arise issues with potential criminal implications. In fact, domestic violence is becoming increasingly present.

Under this circumstance, the family lawyer should be also specialised in criminal and procedural criminal law.

VGS Family Lawyers have consolidated experience in family criminal law since civil and criminal proceedings may overlap arising the issue of setting up two different proceedings at the same time. Criminal offence correct identification becomes crucial in order to not confuse bodily injury offence from family mistreatment (the latter is automatically prosecuted offence and the revocation of the complaint is not allowed)

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In some cases, in order to avoid further criminal domestic acts, the criminal complaint appears indispensable.

VGS Family Lawyers are able to comprehend the nature and the context of certain forms of violence that might not be realistically manageable. Doing so, VGS lawyers are able to bring the offence in the context of a criminal proceeding which offers more protection and guarantees to the victim.

At VGS Family, we are able to carry out defensive investigations, and participating in the criminal hearing. Also, we carry out examination and cross-examination of witnesses also bringing civilistic proceeding to the criminal proceeding.

According to Italian Law, the most important crimes concerning family are:

  • Bigamy, Art. 556 Criminal Code, that appears frequent in the context of mixed marriages;
  • Marriage by deception, Art. 558 Criminal Code;
  • Incest, Art. 564 Criminal Cose;
  • The attempt on Family Morality, Art. 565 Criminal Code;
  • Violation of assistance obligations towards family, Art. 570 Criminal Code;
  • Abuse of disciplinary procedures, Art. 571 Criminal Code;
  • Family mistreatments, Art. 572 Criminal Code;
  • Consensual minor child abduction, Art 573 Criminal Code;
  • International parental child abduction, Art. 574 bis Criminal Code.
  • Stalking, Art 612 bis Criminal Code
  • Failure to observe a judicial order, Art. 388, 2 section Criminal Code.

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