How do Succession works in Italy?

VGS Family Lawyers provide full assistance in case you are willing to protect your wealth, by helping in the drafting of your will or in the setting up a trust, within the wider context of the administration of an estate. Either if you are the beneficiary or the executor and someone is challenging your title, or if you are the one who is willing to challenge someone else title. 

Italian Law is very strict in relation to inheritance and sets forth a number of rigid rules about the absolute right for spouses and children to inherit at least a part of the estate.  

According to the Italian Law, if you die without having left a will, your assets will be distributed according to intestate succession. This means that it will be distributed according to the Law of the Italian Civil Code.

In particular, intestate succession law will identify several subjects who have the right to participate in the division of the estate.
Each identified subject will be called (according to a specific ranking) to accept or decline the share who has been assigned to him/her.

Intestate succession law favours those individuals who presumably had the closest relationship with the deceased. In fact, privileged subjects normally are the spouse, sons, the closest relatives and, lastly, the State.

Our team of lawyers will assist you in the drafting or challenging of an Italian Will, or in the Probate (also contested probate) phase and in the execution of a Trust or other inheritance process, in the lack of a valid Will.

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