Once you become an Italian resident you become also an Italian Tax payer. This means that you become subject to all Italian tax compliances for individuals. Italian Tax law is very strict, Italian taxation is one of the highest in Europe and Tax rules are extremely strict. That is why you need and expert lawyer and a qualified accountant to prevent and to face all possible breaches of law.

Once you are registered as an Italian resident you will be under the obligation to file your Tax Return and it will be our Tax team’s care to make sure to analyse your situation and to make the most of possible solutions in order to minimize the fiscal impact of your annual income. 

Our team will deal with: registration with the local Tax Authority, opening of a VAT Position/Fiscal Code; analysis of costs and benefits of your lifestyle, drafting of your Annual Tax Return; negotiation of a discount in case of any possible penalty, when a breach of law occurs.

Our Tax team also provides assistance in terms of asset protection schemes or estate planning as well in the setting up, managment and execution of a Trust.

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