In Italy, all vehicles shall have insurance, known as R.C. Auto, which allows compensation for personal injury and damage to assets and people. According to Italian law, damages caused by poor road maintenance are also refundable.
Anyone who has suffered injuries as a result of road accidents in Italy is entitled to compensation for the damage suffered. However, sometimes it is difficult to establish the responsibility for the accident, with the result that this may be proportionally divided between all the parties.

When incurring in a road accident, it is essential to gather as much information as possible about what happened. Generally, “friendly accident report forms” (known as CAI) are provided with the insurance; with these forms it is possible to note down the information on the road accident. These forms are jointly agreed statements allowing to describe the road accident dynamics and causes. They are essential for the speeding up of the compensation procedure.
If you do not own any report form, you shall personally record the essential information about personal details of any of the witnesses. If you are driving a rented car, you shall also call the rental company to report the road accident.

The claim to the insurance company shall be filed within 3 days from the road accident and it always advisable to be assisted by a legal expert.
In fact, it is often hard to manage bureaucracy in Italy, also considering language barriers, that is why it is recommended to hire a lawyer to assist you.
Our Team of legal experts can assist you in all forms of road accidents, such as:

  1. Road accidents with foreign license plates;
  2. Road accidents with multiple vehicles;
  3. Road accidents between vehicles and pedestrians;
  4. Road accidents between vehicles and not insured or unidentified vehicles;
  5. Road accidents by bad road maintenance.

VGS Lawyers can assist you in your claim, either with foreign or rented vehicles, by helping you all the way from the accident to the determination of the compensation to be claimed.

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