Private violence

Changing the entire lock of main house door may constitute private violence? Changing the lock of the entrance door with the intention of preventing spouse’s access may constitute an act of private violence. In fact, art. 610 Criminal Code states that “whoever, with violence or threat, force others to do, tolerate or omit something”. Then, […]

Online Defamation

Defamation under Italian Law Italian Criminal Code regulates the crime of defamation as an act that brings offence to reputation or the honour of the offended individual. Nowadays, defamation is acquiring wider importance due to social media presence and their capacity to bring a defamatory message to hundreds of thousands of people. Furthermore, in the […]

Divorce: if the spouse does not pay alimony

Art. 570 bis of the Italian Criminal Code takes into consideration the violations of duties regarding family care. In particular, article 570 bis provides that in case of unjustified non-payment of alimony, the non-paying spouse will be sanctioned with a fine between €103,00 and €1032,00 or with the imprisonment for up to 1 year. Article 570-bis constitutes one of […]

Have you been victim of revenge porn in Italy?

The term “revenge porn” refers to a nowadays’ set of conducts through which an individual takes revenge against another individual (often a former partner) sharing contents and information involving his/her sexual behaviours. Revenge porn has been introduced into Italian Law only in 2019. In this specific case, the Law has established a new criminal behaviour […]

Are you a victim of theft in Italy?

If you are a victim of theft and you are a foreign citizen in Italy, you should know what the legal steps are to get the protection you are entitled to.        The first step to follow is to file a theft and loss report to the Italian authorities (e.g. Polizia di Stato).   This […]