If you are a victim of theft and you are a foreign citizen in Italy, you should know what the legal steps are to get the protection you are entitled to.        
The first step to follow is to file a theft and loss report to the Italian authorities (e.g. Polizia di Stato).   
This activity may be very complex for a foreigner, because the authorities often do not speak foreign languages or because it is easy to understand which is the authority in charge. That is why you should always contact a criminal lawyer to assist you all over the proceeding and to represent you before the Italian authorities to get justice and compensation, if applicable. The report shall contain the victim personal details and a description of the occurred events. It is also possible to mention witnesses to the theft, if any. 

VGS Lawyers avails of a team of English speaking criminal lawyers who would be more than happy to assist you and advise you in any emergency arising from a theft suffered while in Italy.

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