According to Italian Family Law, child support is a periodic payment made by a spouse for the financial benefit of a child following the end of a marriage or other type of relationship. The most relevant aspect is that child support priority is child’s wellbeing and his support after the end of a marriage or relationship. The right to child support has been internationally recognized within the 1992 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. In this context, child support constitutes a mandatory obligation for one of the spouses and, according to the jurisdiction; it has a different degree of enforceability.


Italian Cassation Court decision (Sentence No. 10422/20209) confirms the first instance decision in relation to the violation of fathers’ support obligations towards the child. In fact, Italian Law look quite strict in assessing the circumstances that may prevent spouse to comply with child support schemes. For instance, the mere fact that spouse’s income was only €1.000.00 and he decided to use that income to pay back his debts does not represent a robust justification.


According to the Italian Law, the spouse must demonstrate an objective, and persistent, impossibility. Moreover, the spouse will be criminal responsible in the event victims are minor and therefore unable to take care of themselves. Subsequently, the Court confirmed the first instance conviction. The Supreme Court applied art. 570, section 2 Civil Code and it convicted the father to a three-years prison period and €220.00 fine.


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  1. Hello, I have a question regarding alimony. The Colombian mother had a son with a Colombian-Italian 10 years ago who was born in Colombia. The boy is Colombian but has traveled to Italy many times to visit the father. The father has not helped financially support the child for the past 10 years and the child is 100% financially supported by the mother. The mother seeks continued child support from the father and wishes to explore shared financial support for the previous 10 years of child care. The mother currently resides in Colombia with the child.
    The father has lived in the country of Italy for 6 years and is an Italian resident. The mother is unsure if the father is an Italian citizen at present. The child is only a Colombian citizen.
    I am requesting to know what documents and information I would need to in order for you to represent her in Italy.