No Child allowance for “Neet” children

The lack of a training or work project on the part of the adult son/daughter makes the refusal of the two job offers facilitated by the father unjustified, it is his/her fault if the same at twenty-two is not yet autonomous. The allowance check is not due to the adult daughter without plans and willpower. […]

Child Support Under Italian Law Most Recent Jurisprudence

CHILD SUPPORT UNDER ITALIAN LAW MOST RECENT ITALIAN JURISPRUDENCE   According to Italian Law, parents are obliged to support their children solely for the existence of the filiation relationship. This obligation, in fact, exists both in the case of children born of Italian marriage and from cohabitation and persists even in the event of Italian […]

What to do in the event the spouse fails to pay child support

Child support and alimony constitute undesired consequences of the end of a marital relationship. In the event the spouse fails to pay child support, the Italian Law offers two different sources of resolution of the matter. First, article 156 of the Civil Code and article 8 of the Italian Divorce Law. A child support scheme […]

Italian Consensual Separation: a brief guidelines

According to Italian Law, the “consensual” or “mutual” separation is the separation scheme that relies over spouses’ mutual agreements to proceed with the separation. Important to notice, with the mutual separation, spouses decide to diminish their matrimonial ties while reorganizing their economic situation and possible child custody. In such context, a separation constitutes the previous […]

Offence minor nature and failing to pay child support

According to the Italian Cassation Court, it is unfeasible to recognise the minor nature of child support non-payment. This is due to father’s usual conduct and his persistent behaviour to fail to pay the support to his children.   The sentence No. 22523/2020, the Italian Cassation Court restated the principle according to which you cannot […]