Italy has been the first EU country subject to a nationwide lockdown since beginning of March in the effort to control the coronavirus outbreak.


During this period, people in Italy have not been allowed to go to their second homes, or even travel between regions. Italian citizens’ rights and freedom of movements have been sacrificed to reduce COVID-19 impact. Non-essential travels have been forbidden for weeks and only now Italy is starting to lift some restrictions under phase two of its lockdown.


As the weather improves, many second property owners are thinking of Italian summer trips, but current situation makes hard to plan any vacation trip in Italy. However, as Italy is moving into “phase two”, some restrictions are going to be loosened and several businesses are allowed to reopen.


Starting from 18th of May, intra-regional movements are no longer forbidden. This means that it will be possible to travel to your second home as long as you travel inside the region of your residence. Contrarily, any movements from different regions are still prohibited.


From 3th of June, freedom of movement inside the whole Italian territory will be reintroduced. In addition, UE citizens will be allowed to travel to Italy without being subjected to 14 days quarantine. This last measure also applies to United Kingdom, Principality of Monaco and Switzerland.


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