How much are taxes for a property purchase in Italy?

Sometimes the seller is not subject to tax when selling his property. This happens when the operation does not generate a capital gain, meaning that the value he gets for the sale of the property is not higher than what he had paid when buying it. In other words, when the seller doesn’t make a […]

Purchasing a property in Italy: a guideline

There are several reasons why foreigners search for properties in Italy, whether it is the stunning quality of life, the ancient rustic beauty, welcoming climate, or the excellent food and wine and laid back Mediterranean lifestyle. Purchasing a property in Italy can be a complicated process when you are not aware of the procedures and […]

When you can travel to your second home in Italy?

Italy has been the first EU country subject to a nationwide lockdown since beginning of March in the effort to control the coronavirus outbreak.   During this period, people in Italy have not been allowed to go to their second homes, or even travel between regions. Italian citizens’ rights and freedom of movements have been […]

Italian separation agreement and dwelling assignment

In the event spouses’ separation agreement also involves the assignment of properties, the contract must be authenticated by a Public Service Officer.  In the present case, spouses agreed to the separation plus the assignment of property shares.  In such case, the Public Service Officer has authenticated the separation agreement with a standard signature without pointing […]

Bank loans for property purchase in Italy

According to Italian Law, foreign citizens have the faculty to apply for a bank loan in order to purchase a property in Italy. If you are not Italian or Italian resident and you are interested in buying, restoring or refurbishing an Italian property you can apply for a bank loan. If you are an EU […]