One of the worst crime you can think of is child abduction. Even worse when one of the parents is committing the crime. Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon in case of very controversial separations or divorces  Under Italian Law, this is a crime pursuant to Article 570 of the Italian Criminal Code and it takes place when someone subtracts and keeps away, in the lack of the parents’ consent, a minor of fourteen years old. 

According to Italian Law this crime shall be punished with imprisonment from one to three years. Up to four years when the abductor brings the child aborad. In order for a prosecution of the abductor to be possible the parent or the guardian has to issue a formal complaint against him/her.

Should the abductor be one of the parents (which is not that uncommon too), then one of the ancillary penalties consists of the suspension of the parental authority. 

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