With 270 confirmed cases, Italy has the fourth largest numbers of Coronavirus confirmed cases. Under this circumstance, the alert level are increasingly high and Italian Ministry of Health just released a documents including the common practices to undertake with the purpose of reducing risks of infections.

The document has been drafted according to Italian Medical Association guidelines and it is not more than a “Decalogue” of acceptable conducts in the context of a possible contamination.

Please find the steps you should undertake according to the Italian Ministry of Health:

           Keep your hands clean;

          Avoid any close contact with people affected by respiratory problems;

          Try to avoid to touch your own nose, eyes, and mouth;

          To cover your nose in the event of coughing and sneezing;

          Do not assume any medicine that is not medically prescribed;

          Use masks only if you think you are sick or if your provide support to sick people;

          Pets do not spread the virus;

          Use the Freephone number 1500 if you experience fever, coughing or you returned from China within the last 14 days;

          Use alcohol-based sanitizers.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that no vaccine or specific therapies are available. Based on that, the disease shall be treated as a normal fever.

As we already mentioned in our previous article (, coronavirus might affect business and services contracting due to the inability to undertake a contractual obligation or force majeure. Should you need any advice in relation to how to protect your contract or how to limit contract effects, please do not hesitate to contact us through the online form you find on this page. You will receive a first answer within the next 24 hours.