What is COVID-19 Contact tracing and why it is relevant?

Current pandemic phenomenon is changing the society and its economy. Governments and citizens are carrying out all control measures in order to reduce contagion risks. In this uncertain context, artificial intelligence algorithms and computerised information protocols have been successfully used to reduce contagion risks. For instance, Alibaba Research Development has experimented a new method for […]

Coronavirus and commercial leasing agreements in Italy

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COVID-19 outbreak is impacting worldwide societies and economies. In particular, the pandemic affected the corporate and industrial fabric of majority of developed countries. In such context, COVID-19 has disrupted contractual relationships between enterprises and contractors based on the Italian territory.    Italian Prime Minister’s decree has led to the temporary closure of non-necessary activities within […]

Coronavirus and non-performance of contractual obligations

Coronavirus outbreak represents an extraordinary event that is casting doubts about the sustainability of economic and societal systems.  One of the most dominant effects is the non-compliance with contractual deadlines. Due to inevitable decline of incomes and subsequent liquidity crisis, enterprises and individual entities were forced to delay or freeze payments to suppliers and employees […]

Italian breach of contract and Coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus caused disruption across the world. In connection with this, local and worldwide governments have imposed a series of containment measures including self-quarantine, lockdown of certain cities, extension of public holidays, and international travel restrictions. The global concern toward an intangible threat also influences practice area of law such as employment law, […]

Coronavirus and Italian Government urgent measures

Italy was the first European country to report a surge in cases of the coronavirus, with numbers quickly climbing into the thousands of subject infected by the virus. The authorities have responded with travel restrictions in the north of the country that are bound to hit the economy. Moreover, Italian Prime Minister has stated that […]