Italian alimony: how much previous standard of living affects the decision?

Separation and divorce constitute the unfortunate consequences of a marriage where spouses decide to end the matrimonial bond. Generally speaking, in addition to the eventual economic inadequacy of one of the spouses, the right to alimony is established in favour of the spouse which did not cause the separation or divorce. In the context of […]

Non-payment of child maintenance in Italy: spouse’s bankruptcy

One of the several consequences of the temporary (or definitive) termination of marriage relationship is the economic support in favour of the other spouse and the children. Specifically, art. 570 Italian Criminal Code states the condition and requirement of eventual liability for the non-payment of child maintenance. In the present case, it was found that […]

Italian survivor pension benefit between former and current spouse

The survivor pension scheme is monthly allowance corresponding to a percentage of pension that deceased would have received, and it is normally paid to the closest surviving relatives. However, the contextual presence of more surviving relatives after the death of the spouse might constitute an issue to be evaluated.   Italian Court of Cassation has […]