What if the father does not listen to his child? The Italian sole custody regime

In the context of marriage, separation or divorce constitute unfortunate episodes that bring remarkable consequences over parents’ life. Specifically, both spouses need to find an agreement through which arranging all the issues, relations, and aspects of the familiar life. Specifically, the most important issue to deal with is the custody of the child during separation […]

Principle of double parenthood and spouses’ responsibility

Within divorce or separation contexts, minors’ interest constitutes the most relevant aspect to take into consideration. In fact, minor’ wellbeing and education is actually deemed higher than spouses’ personal or economic interests. According to Italian Jurisdiction, the best manner to achieve children wellbeing is preserving minors’ relationship with both parents.   The double parenthood principle […]

Children well-being after divorce or separation: The new sole custody

In the event joint physical custody is against minor’s interest, the sole or exclusive sole custody represents the only alternative. Generally speaking, Italian Family law aims to ensure the minor a continuing and effective relationship with both parents. However, in the event shared custody is against minor’s interest, he/she will be subjected to sole custody […]