How much are taxes for a property purchase in Italy?

Sometimes the seller is not subject to tax when selling his property. This happens when the operation does not generate a capital gain, meaning that the value he gets for the sale of the property is not higher than what he had paid when buying it. In other words, when the seller doesn’t make a […]

Italy’s housing market predictions and COVID-19 impact

Last year, Italian housing market was stable. In details, there was a relevant increase of demand but, at the same time, less residential housings. However, within such uncertain landscape, COVID-19 impact shall be assessed. In fact, in the first trimester Italian house market registered a slowdown in terms of mandate for selling or renting. According […]

Purchasing a property in Italy: a guideline

There are several reasons why foreigners search for properties in Italy, whether it is the stunning quality of life, the ancient rustic beauty, welcoming climate, or the excellent food and wine and laid back Mediterranean lifestyle. Purchasing a property in Italy can be a complicated process when you are not aware of the procedures and […]