Cheating on the social network; is it deemed as an adultery?

Platonic Love on a chat: evidence cannot be brought to trial to prove the cheating relationship. Imagine that your wife or husband finds a chat of you with an unknown person, entertained through a social network. Between you and your virtual “friend” there has never been any physical contact, you have never seen each other, […]

Are you a victim of bigamy? Bigamy is a crime in Italy

In Italy polygamous marriages are not recognized and for this reason bigamy is not only prohibited, but it is also considered as a crime. In general, bigamy is a crime in almost all western countries, but it is allowed in some African and Asian countries and it is very common in Islamic countries. Bigamy is […]

Italian citizenship by marriage

If you are a foreign citizen or a stateless person and you marry an Italian citizen, according to Italian Law, you are eligible to obtain the so-called Italian citizenship by marriage. Requirements Italian citizenship by marriage can be obtained when one of the spouses is Italia.            Under Italian Law, the non-Italian […]

No alimony for short marriage

If the marriage has not lasted long and the spouse is young and working, then in the event of a divorce, alimony may be not assigned. According to the recent ruling of the Italian Supreme Court, the factors to be considered in order to recognize the assignment of alimony to the spouse are several: The […]

If the spouse refuses to leave home

The legal separation judgement, once issued, has an immediate effect, with the consequence that the former spouse must leave the house immediately. If, however, he or she refuses to leave the marital house then there are several legal instruments that can be used through the assistance of a lawyer. The first step to be taken […]