What is legato in the Inheritance under Italian Law

The legacy is a typical institution of the matter of succession and consists of a testamentary disposition by which the deceased prescribes the transfer of ownership of a certain asset or other rights (e.g. a claim) to another subject (legatee). Example of testamentary legacy The testamentary legacy can have as its object, as we have […]

How to challenge an Italian Will

When the Will might be challenged?  A will is a revocable act by which every adult can dispose of his possessions for the time in which he ceases to live. It is the main tool that allows you to dispose of your assets, after your death. While minors, for example, cannot draft a Will as […]

The advantages of Italian Inheritance Law: the will

minors and inheritance

The will is a legal document that expresses individual’s (de cuius) wishes about how properties shall be distributed after the death. According to the Italian Law, the will is the legal tool through which the heir will replace the deceased in every legal relationship with any legal or natural person. Italian Law introduces different types […]