The confirmatory deposit in a property purchase under Italian Law

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The confirmatory deposit (Article 1385 of the Civil Code) is the sum of money that one party delivers to the other, at the time of the contract of sale, and it works as a “deposit” to guarantee the fulfilment of contractual obligations. Refund of the confirmatory deposit  If the party who paid the deposit becomes […]

How much are taxes for a property purchase in Italy?

Sometimes the seller is not subject to tax when selling his property. This happens when the operation does not generate a capital gain, meaning that the value he gets for the sale of the property is not higher than what he had paid when buying it. In other words, when the seller doesn’t make a […]

How to proceed with free property transfer in Italy?

According to the Italian Law, free property transfers allow individuals to cede a certain type of good or property without receiving anything real or financial in exchange. Donation (Italian free property and goods transfer) is also irrevocable with two exemptions: donee’s ingratitude and the occurrence of giver’s child at the time of the donation agreement. […]

Italian separation agreement and dwelling assignment

In the event spouses’ separation agreement also involves the assignment of properties, the contract must be authenticated by a Public Service Officer.  In the present case, spouses agreed to the separation plus the assignment of property shares.  In such case, the Public Service Officer has authenticated the separation agreement with a standard signature without pointing […]