De facto family under Italian Law

The concept of “family” has undergone important changes over the years. If before, be a family, from a legal point of view, was essentially meant a stable union of two persons of the opposite sex aimed at filiation, in recent years (in particular, in the last twenty years) this concept has undergone important transformations dictated […]

Italian Cohabitation agreement: an outline

The cohabitation agreement is a precious and recent instrument that may achieve important results. In fact, those couples that do not want to get married while aiming to stabilise their economic relations may opt for a cohabitation agreement.   The agreement shall be in writing and it shall be a “public agreement” by the notary […]

The Italian domestic cohabitation agreement


Since 2016, Italian Law recognised the importance of parallel form of cohabitations and domestic partnerships. For this reason, aside the traditional marriage scheme, individuals may now decide to draft cohabitation agreement with the purpose of regulating their future and present economic assets.   Cohabitation agreement requirements   For its legal validity, the cohabitation agreement shall […]