De facto family under Italian Law

The concept of “family” has undergone important changes over the years. If before, be a family, from a legal point of view, was essentially meant a stable union of two persons of the opposite sex aimed at filiation, in recent years (in particular, in the last twenty years) this concept has undergone important transformations dictated […]

Italian domestic partnership: does the partner have the right to inheritance?

Relationships other than marriage have always struggled to be fully recognised by Italian Law. Domestic and civil partnerships were not considered enough to trigger family or inheritance law provisions. However, recent socio-legal evolution brough some changes in terms of different form or partnerships that find the same type of protection that is normally recognised for […]

Italian civil partnership and separation: the underage child

Italian child custody law has been recently reformed after two different legislations that equalise the legal position of every child. In particular, the Italian Law also foresee the legal condition of the underage child born in the context of civil partnership. Underage children born within a context of civil partnership are protected regardless the presence […]