Italian adoption: new rules for single people and age limitations

Adoption is the process through which a person assumes the parenting of a child or adult. Moreover, a legal adoption permanently transfers all filiation rights and responsibilities to new parent or parents. Several jurisdictions has implemented a robust framework for adoption schemes also determining rules and parameters to comply. For instance, some jurisdiction may recognise […]

Adoption and foster care: differences under Italian Law

One of the main concerns of the family aiming at fostering a child is to explain what it means “to be available to foster” and the differences between fostering and adoption. Although both adoption and foster care deal with the assistance of a child, the requirements and legal effects are very different. Foster care is temporary […]

Registration of birth certificate with two fathers, the denial of the Supreme Court

The Italian Supreme Court has ruled that the Italian civil registries shall not register foreign acts that recognize the relationship of filiation between a child born through surrogacy and his non-biological parent, in contradiction with what has been recognized by other courts before.  Therefore, homosexual couples who have had a child abroad born with surrogacy […]