The Italian shared custody regime: an outline

According to the Law No.54 of 2006, Italy has amended the child custody regime implementing the shared custody. In this way, the Law recognised the paramount importance of both parents’ presence in children life. Important to highlight, such recognition took place in the sole interest of the child. In the context of shared custody regime, […]

Failure to pay child support: low standard of living does not constitute an exemption

According to the Italian Court of Cassation, low standard of living caused by temporary job problems does not dispense the spouse to pay for the child support. In details, sentence N. 48567/2019 confirmed that the spouse did not prove its inability to comply with child support duty. Moreover, during the period child support payment did […]

Violating Shared Custody is a crime

When the spouses separate, the judge rules over the custody of the children. If shared custody is ordered, it is necessary that the children continue to stay with both parental figures, sharing equally the time to be spent with both with each other, except when evident obstacles are in place.  But what if the former […]