Italian divorce and the – not due – alimony


According to the Italian Court of Cassation, in the event the Court assesses alimony was not legally due, the recipient must repay the amount received This was the principle applied by the Italian Court in relation to alimony procedure in the context of divorce. Specifically, the recipient must return the total amount (since the payment […]

Five mistakes to avoid during your Italian separation

child custody

Separation and divorce represent the most common and unfortunate consequences of a marriage. Given the importance of such undesirable outcome of marital relationships, it is relevant to observe how spouses are supposed to behave in such conditions. Specifically, this articles aims to provide the reader with five mistakes you should avoid during your Italian Separation […]

Italian alimony: how much previous standard of living affects the decision?

Separation and divorce constitute the unfortunate consequences of a marriage where spouses decide to end the matrimonial bond. Generally speaking, in addition to the eventual economic inadequacy of one of the spouses, the right to alimony is established in favour of the spouse which did not cause the separation or divorce. In the context of […]