Cheating on the social network; is it deemed as an adultery?

Platonic Love on a chat: evidence cannot be brought to trial to prove the cheating relationship. Imagine that your wife or husband finds a chat of you with an unknown person, entertained through a social network. Between you and your virtual “friend” there has never been any physical contact, you have never seen each other, […]

Italian Separation and adultery: liability profiles

Along the years, Italian Law has carefully observed the adultery phenomenon and its consequences within familiar environment. According to the art. 143 Civil Code, the institution of marriage implies several duties and responsibilities such as spouses’ mutual fidelity obligation, moral and economic assistance, collaboration and cohabitation.   In some cases, the adultery might be the […]

Italian separation and divorce settlement: the adultery

After the Italian “quick divorce” legislation came into effect, divorce procedure in Italy has been made faster and more effective. In fact, in order to dissolve a marital relationship in Italy, you need a six or twelve-month period to get a mutual and judicial separation respectively. Separation does not end the marital relationship but it […]