On 19th of July 2019, the Italian legislation (“Codice Rosso”) has modified the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure by including new elements in relation to domestic and gender violence. The following paragraphs will overview the new articles and sections:


Art. 387 bis Criminal Code: The breach of the protective and prohibitive measures concerning family home and places frequented by the victim.

 Whoever infringes obligations or prohibitions of a supervision measure shall be punished with imprisonment from six months to three years. This sanction also operates in the event of restraining orders concerning family home,


– Art. 558 bis Criminal Code: Wedding Constriction

Whoever, with violence or threat, carries out wedding constriction or induction shall be punished with imprisonment from one year to three years. The sanction increases if the constriction targets individuals under the age of eighteen. The sanction shall be increased to two to seven years’ imprisonment in the event the constriction targets an individual under the age of fourteen.



Art. 612 ter Criminal Code: Revenge porn and unauthorized disclosure of sexually explicit images and videos.


Whoever, after making it, shares, sends, delivers, images or video with explicit sexual contents, which were supposed to be private and confidential, without any authorization of portrayed individuals, shall be punished with economic fine from €5.000 to €15.000. The fine shall be increased in the event the conduct is carried out by a relative, spouse (either divorced or separated) and/or through technological devices.


Art. 583 quinquies Criminal Code: Deformation of individuals appearance through permanent facial wounds.


Whoever causes personal physical damages from which arises permanent deformation of victim’s face shall be punished with imprisonment from eight to fourteen years.