On September the 5th, the Court of Trieste disregarded the requests of a mother who, while not questioning the shared custody of the child, did not want the minor to spend the nights with the other parent, until the minor would be four years old.

In detail, according to the judges, the child custody must be arranged giving adequate space to both the parents and taking into account – as a matter of priority – their work commitments.
In the case under the Court’s attention, considering the age of the child, weaned by now and therefore no longer entirely dependent on the mother, and the lack of elements showing some inadequacy of the father, it is appropriate to regulate the child’s placement in order to provide for the introduction of immediate overnight stays.

Given the above, in the case brought before the Court of Trieste, since until the time of the judgement the child had been alone with the father only three half days a week, the Court established that – until March 2019 – the son will spend the night with his father only one day a week, which will become two from April 2019 and three after the completion of the third year of age.

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