2020 pandemic is still affecting society’s main life aspects. Contractual uncertainty is impacting global business relationships while employments agreements are jeopardised by the upcoming economic crisis. In this context, child custody regimes might be impacted by covid-19. In particular, how the covid-19 is able to affect spouses’ visiting rights especially when they are have not primary custody of children?


The general rule is that such temporary emergency shall not be used as an excuse to avoid child custody obligations. In fact, child custody duties and obligations shall always be fulfilled according to the pandemic emergency. Covid-19 cannot deny family principles including double parenthood principle.


In this scenario, Italian Government clarified that spouses’ displacement for child custody regimes are always authorised according the procedures provided by the Court. Inevitably, child custody procedures shall be driven by common sense so that careless behaviour may not endanger the household. For instance, Bari Court’s decision seems in contrast with what has been affirmed. In fact, the Court had to decide about child custody obligations where the father who was living in a different municipality from the child. In this case, the Court has opted to fulfil parenthood obligation through digital communication system.


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