After the decision of the Court of Livorno, also the Court of Pisa has accepted the registration of the foreign certificate birth of a child born with two fathers.

The child at issue was born in the US, in 2010 and his birth certificate, regularly registered in his municipality of residence, has been filled with the sole name of the biological father. Later on, parents have obtained a rectification of this birth certificate, including both parents’ names. When moving to Pisa, Italy, those parents have asked also to Pisa municipal authorities to amend the original certificate including the name of the second father. However, municipal authorities rejected the request.

The US spouse decided to appoint a specialised lawyer and the proceeding was not at all straightforward, but,  as a result, the Court of Pisa finally accepted the US father instance to be registered as “second father” on the birth certificate of his partner’s biological son” and ordered the municipality of Pisa to issue a birth certificate including both fathers’ names.

This statement means that, in 2018, having two fathers is not contrary to Italian public order and morality anymore. This is a dramatic evolution of the same-sex couples rights discipline, confirming the trend of the Italian Supreme Court decisions over 2016 and 2017. This demonstrates the crucial importance of selecting a specialised Italian lawyer to increase the chance to see your rights fully recognised.

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