International adoption process is characterised by different types of expenditures and procedures that deserve the following explanation.

It has been estimated that, contrarily to national adoption, international adoption process may cost between €30.000.00 – €40.000.00 However, such price may be subject to variations. In fact, the total amount depends on child nationality and the authorised entity that will perform international adoption acts.

Generally speaking, we can identify two different types of expenditures: a) costs related to procedures that take place in Italy b) costs related to adoption phases that take place overseas.

Italian procedures involve information support service together with the arrangement of all needed documentation to proceed with the international adoption phases abroad. Normally, such aforementioned phase costs around €4.000.00 also depending on authorised entity services fees. International cost of adoption may vary from one country to another. This is mainly due the different rules and schemes applied from different governments. First, expenditures depend on those activities carried out by the authorised entity that deals with the international adoption process. Moreover, expenditure are considerably heavier in consideration of spouse stay period in child country of residence. In fact, such temporary residence period may last for weeks or months depending on the country rules and procedures.

In Italy, previous expenditures might be directly or indirectly refundable. In fact, 50% of documented costs is deductible from income tax declaration. Moreover, other 50% is normally refundable through International Adoption Commission (“CAI”).

Should you need support in proceeding with an international adoption process, VGS family lawyers are able to provide you with the required assistance.