The Italian Law established that a marital relationship with an Italian citizen allow the foreign citizen or the stateless person to acquire Italian citizenship.

With the purpose of triggering the Italian citizenship law, the foreign citizen or the stateless person shall be married with an Italian citizen while legally residing in Italy for at least two years after the marriage. In the event that common residence is outside Italian territory, you will need three years after the marriage. However, previous periods are reduced by half in the event the spouses have children. Moreover, those periods shall not be interrupted by legal separation, dissolution of marriage, or its annulment.

If previous requirements are met, the foreign citizen or the stateless person shall apply for Italian citizenship by submitting the request before the prefecture where he/she resides or before the before consular authorities (In case they live abroad). In this context, the individual shall also submit documents such as, birth certificate,  criminal records certificate, self-certification of residence and so on.

Once the application for Italian citizenship has been submitted, a procedure begins and will conclude within 24 or 36 months from the date on which the citizenship application has been presented. In absence of actual dangers for Italian Republic, the Prefecture will issue a citizenship act. On the contrary, the competent entity is the Italian minister of Internal Affairs.

Once the new citizenship decree has been notified to the person concerned, he/she has 6 months to  take an oath before the Municipality where he/she resides. Accepting the Italian citizenship does not imply the automatic refusal of previous citizenship.

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