Child Custody in Italy

Under Italian Law separation and divorce are ruled by the Civil Code and its regime is strict and very careful to children’s rights and interests. 

When spouses separate or divorce one of the most difficult aspect to deal with is the creation of new child arrangements focussing on time spent with any of the parent, the family house and financial support.  You need to ask yourself crucial questions about which arrangements could be better to guarantee the child well being and life balance, minimising any impact from separation or divorce of his/her parents. 

In Answering these questions you will defintely need a professional support in order to reach an agreement that is in your child or children’s best interests. However,  spouses and parents are often too emotional and sometimes angry to be reflective in this respect. When that happens, in the first instance we might propose you to consider mediation, where a neutral expert will help to reach an agreement, under our supervision.  

In case any amicable solution is prevented then we are ready to represent you in court and to assist you to achieve your purpose.

VGS Family Lawyers has a team which is entirely dedicated to this kinf od pecualiar assistance. This team include litigators, family mediators and a criminal lawyers specialised in criminal offence towards minors. 

Our assistance include, but it is not limited to custodial parental rights and guardianship orders, child abduction cases and more generally child maintenance and financial support.

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