Marital betrayal and consequences on the alimony under Italian Law

Fidelity is one of the conjugal duties that arise from marriage, as shown in art. 143 of the Italian Civil Code, in the event of marital betrayal, pursuant to Italian Law the guilty spouse will not automatically lose the right to alimony.  Marital infidelity under Italian Law Those who decide to get married must know […]

Separated Parents: Can Siblings Be Separated?

Placing children with two different family members: can it be done? Here’s what the jurisprudence says. If a couple separates, could the judge decide to place one child with the mother and one with the father? Before answering the question, a brief introduction is necessary, since there is often confusion between the custody of children […]

Declaration of succession, who is under the obligation to submit it: clarifications from the Revenue Agency in light of the ruling of the Supreme Court

With regard to the subjects under the obligation obliged to submit the declaration of succession: –        the subjects called to inherit, at least until the moment of their renunciation; –        legatees, even in the case of opening the succession due to a declaration of presumed death, or their legal representatives; –        those placed in the […]

No Child allowance for “Neet” children

The lack of a training or work project on the part of the adult son/daughter makes the refusal of the two job offers facilitated by the father unjustified, it is his/her fault if the same at twenty-two is not yet autonomous. The allowance check is not due to the adult daughter without plans and willpower. […]

Shared custody: distance is not an obstacle

The mere distance between the homes of the two parents does not represent an obstacle to shared custody. The fact that the father has not paid the child support cannot lead, alone, to a judgment of inadequacy to fulfill his parental role. For exclusive custody, in fact, both the judgment of adequacy of the custodial […]