Invalidity pension only applies to Italian residents

The Italian Supreme Court – Employment section has confirmed that invalidity pension applies only within Italian territory. (judgement no..21901). This ordinance is in line with EC regulation no. 1247/1992 which does not allow to export assistance or pension support within European territory. It is important to highlight the difference between assistance and pension support: the […]

Italian real estate taxes related to purchase

If you are a foreign citizen willing to invest in real estate in Italy, you shall have a clear overview of the Italian real estate taxation. In fact, the Italian real estate tax regime for properties can be a bit confusing. This is a short summary of the main taxes to budget. First of all, […]

Real Estate investment in Italy

The real estate market has always been the most coveted sector by investors, who usually consider it to be quite stable and solid. In fact, thanks to its nature as a real asset, the related investments are characterized by low correlations with equity markets and stable cash-flows overtime, unlike stocks and bonds. Investing in a […]

Real estate taxes under Italian Law

If you are planning to buy or have already bought a property in Italy, you shall have a good overview of the real estate taxes related to the maintenance of the property, in force under Italian Law. In Italy real estate taxes represent a large part of costs related to buying and maintaining a property […]

Italian citizenship by marriage

If you are a foreign citizen or a stateless person and you marry an Italian citizen, according to Italian Law, you are eligible to obtain the so-called Italian citizenship by marriage. Requirements Italian citizenship by marriage can be obtained when one of the spouses is Italia.            Under Italian Law, the non-Italian […]