A guide to Italian working permit

If you are planning to move to Italy and to find employment there, you might need to get a work visa in the first place; but, before that, you have to make sure if you need any permit at all. In fact, depending on your nationality, a visa might not be necessary. To understand the […]

Self-employment VISA

The visa for self-employment (USV or NV) allows the entry to Italy, for a short or long-term stay, for a fixed or an indefinite period, to the foreigner who intends to carry out a professional or work activity (industrial, craft, commercial) of a non-subordinate nature, o to set up a corporation or a company, or […]

Italian Startup VISA

If you are planning to move to Italy to start or to join an innovative startup business, then you can apply for a specific startup visa.  If you need more information about it, read our article on our VGS Corporate Lawyers website. Arrange an appointment today

Equal time in co-parenting

Co-parenting is a principle established by the legal system that allows the active participation of both parents in the life of the progeny, having as the main measure the shared custody. The principle of co-parenting, however, does not involve the mathematical division of time to be spent with the children, but rather the active and […]

Mediation under Italian Law

Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution (ADR), managed by a neutral third party with the purpose to facilitate the negotiation between the parties. The mediator will set up a number of private meetings, in order to establish a proper dialogue between the parties and to reach tailored-made solutions. In Italy, mediation was introduced […]