Guide to Italian Stepchild Adoption

The stepchild adoption has existed since 1983 with Law no. 184. However, the application of the law was limited only to heterosexual couples. Law  no.184 permits the adoption of the biological child of one of the spouses. In particular, this adoption requires the following elements: The consent of the biological parent; The consent of the […]

Italian citizenship by marriage

If you are a foreign citizen or a stateless person and you marry an Italian citizen, according to Italian Law, you are eligible to obtain the so-called Italian citizenship by marriage. Requirements Italian citizenship by marriage can be obtained when one of the spouses is Italia.            Under Italian Law, the non-Italian […]

The consequences of divorce

Once the divorce judgement has been issued this is recorded in the Civil Registry of the place where the marriage was registered and it becomes effective between the former spouses. The main effect of divorce is the dissolution of the marriage bond. Although in case of religious marriage while the termination of civil effects takes […]

Promise of Marriage under Italian Law

Under Italian Law, the promise of marriage is an act by which a person commits to another person to enter into marriage with him/her. This old institution of Italian Law is still regulated by the Italian Civil Code (Art. 79), which does not actually provide for any legal obligation to enter into marriage: marriage is […]

Mediation under Italian Law

Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution (ADR), managed by a neutral third party with the purpose to facilitate the negotiation between the parties. The mediator will set up a number of private meetings, in order to establish a proper dialogue between the parties and to reach tailored-made solutions. In Italy, mediation was introduced […]