Alimony and Tax Return

Alimony and Tax Return

Alimony is an economic emolument, consisting of a sum of money paid to the weaker spouse (financially weaker) or in the form of financial support for children. Generally speaking, the amount is generally determined by the court, so it is natural to ask whether the alimony should be indicated in the tax return or not.To […]

Italian real estate taxes related to purchase

If you are a foreign citizen willing to invest in real estate in Italy, you shall have a clear overview of the Italian real estate taxation. In fact, the Italian real estate tax regime for properties can be a bit confusing. This is a short summary of the main taxes to budget. First of all, […]

Real estate taxes under Italian Law

If you are planning to buy or have already bought a property in Italy, you shall have a good overview of the real estate taxes related to the maintenance of the property, in force under Italian Law. In Italy real estate taxes represent a large part of costs related to buying and maintaining a property […]

Inheritance tax in Italy

Under Italian Law, inheritance tax is due over the wealth transfer following to the death of the deceased relative.    The assets and rights transferred constitute the so-called estate (attivo ereditario), while the debts of the deceased constitute the liabilities of the estate (passive ereditario). Inheritance tax applies to the difference between the assets and […]

The danger of claims of property

In the case of a preliminary contract for a property purchase, the promissory buyer may suspend payment of the price when he has reason to fear that the property may be claimed by third parties, unless the seller has provided for an appropriate guarantee. This principle is established by Article 1481 of the Italian Civil […]