According to the Italian Jurisdiction, survivor’s pension constitutes the share available as consequence of the death of a retired individual or an insured person that is still working. This type of pension might be defined as “survivor’s pension” in the event the deceased was receiving the old-age pension. Contrarily, in the event the deceased was still working, the share is named “indirect pension”.

There are many subjects entitled to such pension share. For instance, the pension is due to the spouse, even though separated. In such case, pension share right only exist under the circumstance the court has assessed any maintenance rights. Again, survivor’s pension is due to the divorced spouse and children that, at the time of the death, are:



          University Student.

Moreover, in absence of spouse, children or grandchildren, the pension is due to deceased parents of at least 65 years old.

The right to survivor’s pension starts from the first month after the death of the insured subject or the retired subject. Moreover, the right to survivor’s pension never expires and it might be combined with other pension schemes.

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