Determination of Italian Inheritance shares

According to Italian Law, in the event of death of an individual, the inheritance process – which may be based on a will or not – takes place. In various inheritance contexts, Italian Law generally distinguishes two types of heirs: rightful heirs are those individuals close to the deceased which are also included in the […]

Italian Inheritance Law: how to accept the succession

According to Italian Law, heirs are those subject who decided to accept the succession. Therefore, individuals may officially become heirs only through the acceptance of succession. Specifically, there are two ways to accept the succession: you may accept the succession expressly through notary act. Contrarily, you can accept the succession tacitly, for example by taking […]

The advantages of Italian Inheritance Law: the will

minors and inheritance

The will is a legal document that expresses individual’s (de cuius) wishes about how properties shall be distributed after the death. According to the Italian Law, the will is the legal tool through which the heir will replace the deceased in every legal relationship with any legal or natural person. Italian Law introduces different types […]